Aarti Dahiya, IT Architect at Global Bank from Pune, won title of Mrs Maharashtra State Ambassador in Prestigious Mrs India, ” one in million” 2023. 

Aarti, as a proud mother of 6 years old boy, sets an example of Beauty with  Brain. With her expertise in technologies, she has excelled in her professional career. Now, with her stunning performance and charm, she acclaimed fame in beauty pageant by  winning a title of Mrs Maharashtra State ambassador.

The Mrs. India 2023 Beauty Pageant is an incredible platform that showcases talent, charm, and intelligence from outstanding contestants across the country. The Mrs. India 2023 finalists list comprised 73 exceptionally talented married Indian women, with 8 of them being from Maharashtra. Being shortlisted with them was itself a hallmark of Aarti’s caliber.

She believes being working with a mother is not an end of women dreams. Being a parent is an opportunity to live your childhood again and do things that you might have missed it earlier. With her son, she is pursuing hobbies like swimming,  horse riding, music, and painting. She enjoys life with her family while pursuing her dream of becoming a strong technology leader as well. 

She believes everyone should follow their dreams. Challenges make us a strong and better person. Mrs. India – one in a million platform provided her a wonderful opportunity to showcase her skills and enhance her personality.

The Mrs. India 2023 Beauty Pageant celebrates beauty with intellect through its rigorous selection process that emphasizes brains alongside physical appearance.

The auditions, a rigorous screening process lasting nearly an hour per participant, encompassed multiple rounds designed to assess charm and confidence alongside the intellect and talent of the contestants. These rounds included probing questions on general knowledge about the country, motivations for participation, admiration for women achievers, and insightful viewpoints on pressing societal issues.

Following the extensive auditions, Aarti underwent multiple rounds focusing on her talent, cultural finesse, and physical fitness. The most challenging part of the journey included mastering the art of walking gracefully in 6-inch heels and enduring physical discomforts such as swollen feet, Aarti expressed due to her chronic condition Lupus

After three days of rigorous training, Aarti transformed herself from a corporate woman into a graceful fashion model showcasing her talent as she approached the grand finale.

With her positivity attitude and strong determination, Aarti has overcome all the challenges. Support from her family and friends played a big role in family. She believes surrounding yourself with the right people is very critical in life. 

She has beaten up her chronic illness lupus by taking the challenge of participating and winning in a beauty pageant.  LUPUS is an Autoimmune disorder,  where a person looks fine from outside but internally in Lupus antibodies are killing and attacking healthy cells, causing an impact to knee joints, kidney, heart, brain,  eyes, hair and skin. She has been on steroids and HCQ since since 20 years to manage lupus.  After every flare of lupus, she gained weight, lost hair, excessive skin pigmentation, and swelling in joints. However, her positive attitude and support from loved ones played a big role, and she managed to restore her physical approach. She shared that even when she walked on stage with  4 inches,  she had swelling in her knees, but she didn’t give up. She believes everything is in your mind. Once you have decided to win , half of the battle is already won. Dazzling on stage with her glowing skin and hair and winning a title at Beauty pageant is truly an inspiration for everyone dealing with chronic illness.

Her aim is to build a strong community in India to support people from Lupus as it is not widely known in India, and often, Lupies are suffering due to lack of right support. She wants to increase the awareness and management of Lupus, often termed as Invisible Wolf. She has joined India Lupus Trust for this, which still needs to be scaled out. The role of society is very critical in the management of lupus and giving equal opportunity to people suffering from lupus.

She said we all know the reason for not having curving bodies in Indian women is a lack of nutrition,  stress, and harmonal imbalances.  She wants to encourage women in India to be a continuous learner, financially independent, physically fit & healthy. Aarti believes Beauty Pageants are amazing platforms, giving opportunity to women to rediscover themselves, building their confidence, and helping them to pursue their dreams.

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About Aarti 

Aarti is an MBA in Finance.

Bachelor in Electronics and 17 yrs of experience in the technology industry. She is a certified story yoga teacher. She is the mother of the primary grader and the wife of a banker. She believes in women empowerment alongside empowering our children by making them strong mentally and physically, to handle every challenge with grace in their future. The future is unpredictable. Hence, the right education, ecosystem, and good physical and mental health are critical.