“Vadh” is a compelling new movie now streaming on Netflix. But the film is reflection of the remarkable journey of its producer Sahil Sharma. Sharma is also the founder of Megahertz Events, a company that has been successfully promoting arts and culture for two decades.

Sharma is a visionary entrepreneur with an undying passion for arts. Known as an international promoter of arts and culture, he curates enriching experiences to audiences worldwide. Under his banner of Megahertz Events, he has some big wins including the curation and execution of a sold-out, highly successful US & Canada tour with the renowned comedian Kapil Sharma. This partnership garnered widespread love, showcasing Sahil’s ability to design exceptional events that cater to diverse people. The tour was a resounding success, setting new benchmarks for live entertainment. His team organised the Diljit Dosanjh event in Jaipur, tour with Lucky Ali as well as promoting international acts in india and worldwide. The team is currently working on curating and executing Lucky Ali in Mauritius followed by acts in Nairobi and more tours in US and Canada with various artist.

But staying true to his ambitious nature, Sharma’s love for storytelling led him to venture into movie production. Thus, “Vadh” came into being. This film, now available on the popular streaming platform Netflix, is an enthralling tale of love, loss, and redemption. As a coproducer, Sahil left no stone unturned to ensure that the movie would captivate audiences across the globe.

Talking about his multi faceted career, he says, “Life is too short to be confined to a single pursuit. We should seize every opportunity to explore and venture into new territories, for therein lies the true essence of growth and fulfillment. When we follow our heart’s calling, success and satisfaction naturally follow. I believe in living with abandon, fearlessly juggling various roles, and putting our best foot forward in all that we do. It’s essential to let our hearts lead, for that is where true fulfillment lies.”