Performing Globalization

Globalization is a concept that has been used in the past to describe the flow of products, people, and capital across international borders. Technology is increasingly replacing globalization and can be an effective tool for countries that aim to take advantage of free trade and cross-border production.

Why Technology Is Performing Globalization

Technology is fundamentally changing the way businesses function and countries relate to each other. Because of this, we could be witnessing the end of globalization as we know it.

How Technology Is Performing Globalization

In the past, globalization was achieved primarily through domination and imperialism. It meant that one country would have a lot of power over another, often extracting resources from it. In recent years, however, technological advances have fundamentally altered the means by which globalization is being achieved. Technology has allowed for a shift towards a more individualistic approach to globalization, allowing for different cultures and ideas to be shared more freely.

The Negative Side of Technology

Technology is a powerful force that has revolutionized our lives. For better or worse, it has the ability to help us, both individually and corporately. However, it also has the power to destroy stability and leave us in a constant state of change.


Technology such as social media and the internet have helped globalize our society. The two great technologies that have done this most successfully are email and the internet. Email, with all of its different applications and devices, has made it so easy to send information and communicate across borders. Companies can now use technologies such as customer service tools and online chat to help customers solve their problems and reach out to companies.