As a mother of two children, I am constantly stressing to my children about the importance of learning and practicing skills that could help them long-term. When it comes to teaching skills, there are many different methods you can use and many ways you can teach. One way is by starting early with your child – this means teaching them skills from an early age.

Why Early Education is Important

I believe that every child has the potential to become anything they want, or at least should be given an opportunity to. I’ve seen countless students that were not able to find success in academics or sports due to being labeled as “not smart.” Nowadays, more and more kids are struggling with basic math skills, such as carrying numbers, but there are many opportunities available in order to improve their abilities.

Research on Early Education

Early education has been shown to benefit people by delaying the onset of cognitive decline and improving academic performance. Research shows that early education can delay the onset of cognitive decline to age seven, but extends to age ten in the case of math and literacy. Educators speculate that this is because children learn skills early on before their development shuts off at age seven.

Value of Early Skill Education

Early skill education is a valuable tool in the process of supporting children’s educational development. It teaches them how to overcome challenges and helps them develop social skills that are used not just during school but throughout their lives.

Benefits of Early Skill Education

Early skill education not only enhances the quality of the student’s life, but also the lives of their parents and teachers. It is important to teach children early on because it will allow them to go into their schools much more prepared and prepared students are likely to feel more competent in school.


It is not until children reach the age of 10 or 11 that they typically start to learn how to read and write. However, the earlier one starts teaching skills such as reading and writing, the better the overall literacy rate will be for a nation. The best time for children to be taught these skills is when they are very young in their development stages.