Working out, or exercising, is a great way to relieve stress and put yourself in a better mood. It can also help with some chronic health issues such as heart disease. Below are some tips on working out as you feel sick.

Working Out When You’re Sick

When you’re feeling sick, it’s important to know that an active lifestyle is the best way to get better. While it might not be ideal to work out when sick, it’s still possible and could be beneficial for your recovery. If you’re feeling too nauseous or dizzy, try walking around the block instead of exercising.

Dieting and Staying Healthy While Sick

After catching a cold or coming down with a fever, many of us go straight for the ice cream or chicken noodle soup. But what if you’re on a low-carb diet? While it’s tempting to eat bread and fish sticks when you’re feeling under the weather, these foods can actually make your illness worse. Instead, try a few protein snacks to keep yourself going: hardboiled eggs, hummus and cheese sticks, or nuts and berries. The more you focus on keeping your strength up while you’re sick, the sooner you’ll recover.

How to Workout Properly while Sick

Whether you’re feeling sick or not, you should still try to work out. Working out while sick can help you recover faster and feel better. It’s the perfect time to get your sweat on, burn some extra calories, and clear your head at the same time! It’s important to work out while you’re feeling sick. It keeps your mind off of the pain, and it also gets rid of toxins. If you can’t get out and exercise, then try something like a rebounder or an elliptical machine.